On youroul.com you will find everything there is to know about strategies and systems in roulette. Uniformly documented strategy tests allow you to develop an own in-depth understanding of the possibilities of the game. Result overviews with detailed graphs and flowcharts indicate the specific characteristics of systems at first glance.

youroul.com is not an Internet casino. You can not play. But you can let your mind wander on your own game concepts, check, expand and improve progressions, patterns or figures. The offer is to simulate the bets at the game with the ball without long waits and the evaluation. Many enthusiasts have been cured of the blind faith in "all time winning roulette systems" and thus spared to carry huge amounts of real money in the casino or even to sink at an online casino.
Each of the publicly callable system tests is always built on the exact same basis. By this principle all methods and approaches can be compared directly. All this happens in real time, the results of each test run immediately and directly in all ratings. On youroul.com all numbers and data are always fully traceable.

If you log in, you have all possibilities to test your own game concepts. You can create your own strategies and explore them with own table limits and permanences. The simulator can generate tests with up to 10 million rounds, which makes undoubtedly every system clearly and unambiguously rayed. Your very own personal strategies and data are effectively protected against unauthorized access and are only available to you. Only on your explicit request your system will be published and then shows other interested people the ways and their boundaries of this classic game.

Welcome to youroul.com!

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