188 records
CategoryidStrategyBalanceMedianTrendVarianceBet Volume
6 Split, Loss Progression, +ow99Thirds of the Wheel-1626-789-2.0340.5776416    
EC, Single, Loss Progression, +ow6Martingale on Red and Zero-1630-417-1.4722.2455606    
Cols, Loss Progression, +ow353Columns by Color-1665-855-9.557.2517589    
1 EC, Win Progression1327Red slide back-1773-1065-6.3315.6233070    
EC, Doz, Loss Progression3289World's Best and Safest Roulette system V2.ego-1781-1560-4.5110.9268050    
Doz, Col, Loss Progression, Stop1935Super Safe System-1811-868-2.7813.6961328    
8 Single, Loss Progression, +ow912Orphans Straight Up +-1832-821-2.1259.0676208    
EC, Doz, Loss Progression3280World's Best and Safest Roulette system V2 [sic]-1909-706-2.0615.4967475    
Doz, EC, Loss Progression2320Overthrow-1939-570-1.8011.2162250    
3 Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 01013Plein R+N+F-1974-568-19.0412.855862    
1 Single, Stop > 1001143Go Zero Go-1975-979-50.9710.713775    
2 Doz, Loss Progression4279Dozens Splitter-2053-1202-4.2359.7155903    
Loss Progression, +ow169F-TVS + R-TVP + Zero-2089-876-5.0330.0134195    
1 EC, Loss Progression, +ow213my Strategy-2113-1415-11.409.7824404    
3 Doz, Win Progression3102Follow all Dozens-2146-959-2.8424.9766250    
Singles, +ow4031first 3x Single-2169-754-7.1924.8520601    
30 Single, Loss Progression, +ow278cover the table-2184-518-1.708.6759715    
Singles, Loss Progression354Manque Plein ansteigend-2289-1236-3.6185.2367233    
2 Col, Win Progression5324x Paroli on 2 Columns-2328-1330-4.9245.4953166    
3 Single, Loss Progression, +ow123golden Final 7-2418-1100-6.8450.7231614