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runtime chances

(dynamic) runtime chances are finally determined whilst the running test.

possible runtime chances can be:
- Favorite, field that occured most often, defined by threshold
- Regular, field that occured on average, defined by thresholds
- Laggard. field that occured least often, defined by threshold
- Last, field of the x-th number ahead
- EC/EC Last, the last ( not = ! ) occured contrary EC
- Sector, number with its neighbors in the wheel
- Hot and Cold fields, ordered by frequency

In tests these chances get marked with abbreviations.

When runtime chances are used in a strategy,
it is important, to set the configuration to the own needs:

In the step view:

for every used chance:
- one - if there is more than one equal field, one is taken by random for the bet
- all - all matching fields will be bet
- !m - all not matching fields will be bet, opposite of all

The display of the frequency statistics for one bet type can be activated:
Show in Bet Log: Type

The quantity of initial spins defines the runtime chances.
By changing that quantity you control the function decisive!

initial spins: Single: 20
the bet: Single: one, Regular (Favorite > 2, 1 > Laggard)

All Single numbers that have come less then 3 times (Favorite > 2) and more then 0 times (1 > Laggard)
in the last 20 Spins (initial spins) are declared as Regulars.
If more than one Single number is included by this condition, then one is randomly taken and used as bet.
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