I'm so bad to understand the program that you use for testing that i cannot understand the logic of you system.

If you have some time, can you explain to me the logic of your system the Last-1-1 +.

Exemple: How are you selected your first bet, when are you going up your bet.
I got that you start with 3 and after you go somewhere with 6, 9, when are you stopping.

I know perharps its look like a lot of trouble to explain but perharps it will helps me to catch what i m missing in your site.
You make a great place for players and i m sorry to miss a lot of the fun because i dont understand.

Thank you for everything.
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I know that this programme is not simple, as i try to write manuals for it! ;-)

For most of the questions is the help section a great place to find advice.

Let's see "the Last-1-1 +", where "the Last" means the last shown single number.
x-1-1 means this latest single with its neighbours in the wheel.
The + is the abbreviation for the simulator function + on win.

The strategy consists of one step, that is always betting the three singles, defined as "last-1-1".
+ on win always bets as less as needed, to make profit if one of those singles wins.
On longer loss streaks, the needed bet grows for this goal of gaining profit on one won bet.

Have a look at the test protocols of the-Last where the progression of the bets is calculated for one single.
This strategy uses "+ on win" also, but its not using the -1-1 neighbors.

Don't hesitate to ask if something is unclear, but please try to ask precisely. ;-)

Best regards,
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Thank you for your answer. Sorry that i wail so long for taking notice on the forum.
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