Hello everybody,
I am new here. It's amazing to find this website and forum.

I have a question about the random numbers generated in this simulator. Are the numbers (0~36) pre-defined as a continuous string according to the physical layout of a roulette wheel prior it is generated?

I would like to conduct my test correlating both wheel and table layouts, and every spin is an independent event, has nothing to do with last spin result.

I welcome anyone to share his/her insights. Thank you. ^_^


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Hello and welcome to youroul.com WonderWoman!

The roulette simulator uses software generated numbers for the tests.
You can use own numbers also.

I'd like to affirm your asumption: a spin is independent from its preceding spin.
But if you take more numbers in series, then there is a probability distribution.
It's more likely to have two times the same number than three times and so on.

This is, what progressions try to use: rise and lower the bets.

Have fun, trying your roulette ideas and don't hesitate to ask if somethings remains unclear.


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