188 records
CategoryidStrategyBalanceMedianTrendVarianceBet Volume
1 EC, Loss Progression2146Small But Nice196411771.4363.01162158    
Singles, +ow4017Superlude Restants +11295458.2631.8912983    
Singles, +ow, Stop > 991816of a Down +9774994.2835.1822927    
Streets, Loss Progression4019Mansurians Style Roulette Strategy935-366-1.0337.9770117    
2 EC, Win Progression3803Ginessi897-512-0.82100.38122273    
17 Single, Loss Progression, +ow74Neighbors of Zero861-709-1.4439.1896519    
Loss Progression2095Gold Bringer8133020.7941.4075462    
EC, Doz, Loss Progression57253 Reds then Black + Col 1&37642260.8117.9154912    
3 Single, Loss Progression, +ow838the Last-1-1 +678-595-3.7445.7031254    
1 EC, Win Progression, Stop > 1251492Partner play677-1046-2.0254.84101700    
1 EC, Win Progression1823Mosaic6032542.6513.9218882    
Singles, Loss Progression, +ow1854Restants + interlude5913439.6422.477005    
1 EC, Loss Progression, Stop < -405193jelly5452864.205.2513421    
Loss Progression, +ow1727all types of Restants +539-135-1.3517.1319664    
1 Single, Win Progression330Löwenherzstrategie476330.7520.268704    
1 Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 0753the Last +46618710.466.923530    
2 Col, Loss Progression, +ow7Martingale on 2 Columns417440.227.7539678    
Loss Progression, Stop > 143326Die unverlierbare Stella401731.914.657558    
Singles, Col, Loss Progression, Stops463712 Nuns345-90-2.1724.528115    
2 Doz, Loss Progression4279Dozens Splitter3164531.5759.8956630