186 records
CategoryidStrategyBalanceMedianTrendVarianceBet Volume
Loss Progression, Stop > 143326Die unverlierbare Stella4033928.997.478600    
Singles, +ow3122terminating furious72310638.8541.4823613    
1 EC, Loss Progression, +ow343x Black -> Black-391398.731.393154    
1 Col, Loss Progression1532Wait 5x before Fibonacci781408.132.863399    
1 Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 0161ein Pleinausbleiber6723198.0724.417788    
1 Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 0462the Restant +3181197.167.243282    
1 Doz, Loss Progression531perfektes [sic] Roulette System-1102636.8910.727535    
1 Single, Loss Progression, +ow, Stop > 0421the Favorite +-41015.897.283388    
Doz, Split, Loss Progression, Stop738Wait 6x Then Fibonacci4322145.399.417812    
1 EC, Loss Progression2615Suparoli59011773.6030.8964306    
Singles, +ow3400Single Fav2 to Fav3 +21011433.5251.2763798    
Singles, Win Progression2900Winning at Last126013483.4095.4478012    
1 Single, +ow, Stop > 02911the Random +251683.327.704069    
1 Sixline, Loss Progression268Fibonacci TvS10013183.2324.9819345    
9 Single, Stops4694Cannonball7742723.2020.0116722    
2 Col, Loss Progression, +ow7Martingale on 2 Columns-875152.798.0736384    
5 Single, Loss Progression2555dejn10937462.7486.2053555    
EC, Loss Progression2090EC frequency134442.682.793240    
1 EC, Win Progression1986Oscar's Grind863852.6014.4029151    
1 EC, Win Progression2001Up and On-1768312.3980.6268387