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en414AnonymousBet x numbers, wait until these x numbers have not come y times.310:07:14 13.09.2017 Rovlgari
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en4092chiloteOption Regular1512:25:55 25.02.2017 wheel
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en639Petinho96one of the dozens that didn't come for 7 consecutive times309:23:31 04.06.2016 trizero
en580Darrydoffhow do I place multiple bets on same spin? eg 2 of 3 dozens107:54:26 30.04.2016 admin
en3135pee_94Can some1 help me make the Mansurians Roulette Strategy?1308:22:34 08.04.2016 trizero
en2142adminPost your Questions here010:38:21 25.01.2016 admin
en849magiktcupHow can i run a test over 10 000 rounds?114:07:55 24.01.2016 admin
en1033komasterbet a number missing in 120 spins310:55:56 18.01.2016 admin
en889wheelHistory is selected209:54:47 22.11.2015 wheel
en1067benjismarketHow do I bet on the "last Nth" amount of numbers rolled?219:45:28 05.10.2015 trizero
en1113Anonymousplace bets after a "sleeping" system has monitored the results117:48:40 29.08.2015 trizero
en1820timyPROBABILITY408:26:38 26.06.2015 timy
en4211Chingy711Strategy question: simple chances bet increase / decrease800:17:22 26.10.2014 trizero
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